Victoria Prize supporting the best and brightest for two decade


Victoria Prize supporting the best and brightest
for two decades

The recipients of the 2017 Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation and Victoria Fellowships were announced last night at a ceremony hosted by veski.
The Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Innovation, Frank McGuire, presented Victoria’s most prestigious science and innovation awards, and celebrated 20 years of empowering science and innovation in Victoria.
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Professors Jane Visvader and Geoffrey Lindeman from The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research were jointly awarded the $50,000 Victoria Prize for Life Sciences for their work uncovering the role of molecular and cellular events that give rise to breast cancer.  Watch the video here.


Professor Maria Forsyth from Deakin University was awarded the $50,000 Victoria Prize for Physical Sciences for her ground-breaking research in electrochemical sciences, which lead to the development of new fuel cell designs for battery storage. Watch the video here.

2017 Victoria Fellowships

Twelve early career researchers were also awarded Victoria Fellowships valued at up to $18,000 each to assist them with an international study mission, six in Life Sciences and six in Physical Sciences.

The recipients will help to shape Victoria’s future economy by driving new ideas and products in our industries and enhancing the state’s reputation as a global centre for discoveries and technology.

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