Ludovic Grosjean honored at the United Nations

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by: François Vantomme
Melbourne: Ludovic Grosjean honored at the United Nations

With 90 percent of the global population under 30 living in emerging or developing economies, young people today are taking the lead on addressing humanitarian challenges with innovation and perseverance.

Named one of six Rotary People of Action: Young Innovators under 35 for his efforts to use social and tech solutions to clean plastics from the ocean, Ludovic Grosjean, Rotary member from Melbourne, Australia, has presented his work at the United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya to an audience of UN officials, philanthropists and Rotary members attending the service organization’s annual Rotary Day at the UN on Nov. 10, 2018.

Ludovic Grosjean is being recognized for his efforts in developing innovative solutions to tackle problems facing the world’s oceans including using drones to clean plastic, environmental monitoring, and driving social innovations.
Every year, 8.8 million tons of plastic waste gets into the oceans, putting marine species at risk of extinction. Grosjean, a 29-year-old engineer, launched OceanX Group to develop automated pollution monitoring and removal tools that use artificial intelligence and drones to remove plastics and other pollution from waterways and detect their source.

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