AFAS FEAST-France Fellowship Presentation
Date : Friday, 7 August 2009
Venue : Investment Centre Victoria Theatrette
Level 46, 55 Collins Street, Melbourne

About the Fellowships

In conjunction with AFAS Victoria, FEAST-France awards up to three AFAS FEAST-France Fellowships each year to Victorian researchers wishing to undertake a study tour to France.  These fellowships are granted as a complement to the Victoria Fellowships awarded by the Victorian Government.

This year marked the 6th annual award of the AFAS FEAST-France Fellowships.  As a token of commitment to improving the environment, all fellowships awarded this year were to recipients whose proposed study mission encompassed some element of environmental study.

Award Ceremony

Following a welcome glass and hors d'oeuvres in the vestibule, all guests were ushered into the auditorium to be officially welcomed by the Honorary President of AFAS Victoria, Peter Tolé.  This was followed by two short background presentations relating to Australian-French research collaboration.

Michel Thibier and Peter Tolé
Michel Thibier delivers his presentation while Peter Tolé looks on

In the first of these, Professor Michel Thibier, Scientific Counsellor at the French Embassy, gave examples of the mutual benefits to be gained from research collaboration between Australia and France.
In the second presentation, Michael Hudson, Director of Innovation and Technology Capabilities at the Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development, addresed the same topic from a Victorian perspective.
Introductory presentations regarding each of the Fellows for 2009 were then delivered, following which the award certificates were presented.

  Michael Hudson
Michael Hudson

The three recipients of AFAS FEAST-France Fellowships for 2009 are :

  • Dr Sally Gras, Research Fellow in Bioengineering at the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute;
  • Dr Martin Leahy, Postdoctoral Fellow in carbon storage at CSIRO Petroleum Resources;
  • Dr Joanne Devlin, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Veterinary Medicine with the Australian Research Council.

Further details regarding the Fellows may be found on the FEAST-France pages of this website.

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