AFAS Victoria Annual Dinner
Date : Saturday, 20 June 2009
Venue : The French Corner Restaurant
493 Highett Road, Highett 3190
(Melways Reference 77:E9)

The Restaurant

Host Daniel Airoldi, of the The French Corner Restaurant, offers a delicious menu of all things French.  The dishes include favourites from Daniel's home region of the Dordogne and from the surrounding provinces, with a selection of matching French wines available from the cellar.

The French Corner Restaurant

Melbourians love their French tucker, and The French Corner joins a short list of restaurants doing it well in our town. – Stephen Downes of the Herald Sun, 21 August 2007
There's something warming - like a Toulouse Cassoulet that never leaves the menu - about a small, honest success story.  And so it is we are happy to tell you that young French chef Daniel Airoldi, who started his tiny bistro The French Corner in Highett (last year), is moving on up.  He's taking over what was recently Saha ... which will seat 70. – John Lethlean of The Age, 5 June 2007
Now, there is something particularly gratifying in stumbling upon a culinary gem where you least expect it ... and if you,like me, have made it through life thus far without quite knowing how to find Highett, I strongly recommend Melway 77, ... and the duck. – Bob Hart of the Herald Sun, 28 July 2007.


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