Le Viaduc de Millau - the world's highest bridge

The Millau Viaduc is the final link in the A75 motorway between Clermont Ferrand and Béziers to join A9 to Barcelona. With a width of 32.05 m, it provides 4 traffic lanes plus 2 emergency stopping lanes.

The Millau Viaduc - the world’s highest bridge with a Total length of 2460 m. The deck of the viaduct is 270m above the Tarn River. Total height of the tallest bridge tower is 343 m which is higher than the Eiffel Tower and a world record.

The Millau Viaduc - reaching for the sky
Pier P2, 245 metres high, was built in 62 “lifts” of 4 days each - a total of 248 days.

Traffic - 10,000 vehicles per day are expected in winter and 28,000 in summer; 10 to 15% heavy vehicles.


by Bernard Shepherd

The Millau Viaduc represents a successful ending to a tremendous story. From its conception to its realisation, several hundred men pooled their energy and their ingenuity to participate in this unique achievement. At the height of the construction, close to 600 colleagues were working on the site. They mastered the most advanced technologies (laser, GPS etc.) to guide the construction of this steel and concrete giant to the nearest millimetre. And it only took three years, from December 2001 to December 2004.
- Friday 27 May 2005 -