"Road safety... The Future": Technology and Injury Prevention
Monday 7th March 2005
Presented by AFAS Vic, with the support of Renault Australia, the French Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the French Trade Commission

The seminar started at 11.00 with a welcome note by John Acton (president of AFAS Vic) and an Opening address by Senior Sergeant Chris Gustke.

Jean-Yves Le Coz, (Head of Road Safety policy, Renault group) presented "Road Safety ...an integrated approach".

Ross McArthur (Head for vehicle safety, VicRoads) spoke on "NCAP testing and vehicle safety policy in Victoria".

David Healy (Road Safety General Manager, Transport Accident Commission) presented "Improving vehicle safety: the unfinished journey!".

Prof Raphael Grzebieta (Chairman of the Australasian College of Road Safety and Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University) spoke on "Rollover protection - the next road safety silver bullet".

Dr Andy Rakotonirainy (Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety, Queensland University of Technology) prensented "Human behavior in road safety - vulnerable users and technology interface".

Each year Renault invests 100 million Euros in Research and Development on active and passive safety so as to keep its vehicles permanently at the highest level on the market. Six hundred engineers and technicians work towards constant innovation under the guiding principle of "safety for all". The result: five cars with five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests. Because human behaviour is cited as a contributing factor in 80% of accidents, Renault is also actively involved in campaigns to promote greater awareness of road safety issues among the general public, children and teenagers. The international "Safety for All" programme, launched in 2000, has already encouraged almost five million children aged 7 to 11 to think about road safety. In 2003 it was extended to include teenagers from 12 to 15: "Express Yourself!" invites them to design and produce posters encouraging responsible behaviour among road-users. "Safety for All" is now present in sixteen countries and has its own website: www.securite-pourtous.com / www.safety-for-all.com.

Renault also develops initiatives to raise safety awareness among its own staff. The group's Driver's Charter urges them to adopt a careful and courteous attitude behind the wheel.

Senior Sergeant
C.Gustke (Vic Police)
JY. Le Coz
R. Mc Arthur
D. Healy (TAC)
Dr A. Rakotonirainy
(QD University of Technology)
Prof R. Grzebieta
(Monash University)
...followed by a discussion Panel ...