A More sustainable & integrated Electricity Future
for the 21st Century
Friday 10 September 2004

Developing policies and programmes for a more sustainable electricity future is a global challenge. France is facing this challenge and its vertically integrated electricity utility, EDF, is centrally involved. It is also taking steps to have its electricity system more integrated into the European Community. Australia also faces these challenges but from different perspectives - a reliance on fossil fuels (especially coal), the introduction of competitive markets and through its integrated National Electricity Market. The ramification of this effects all industry. This is a rare opportunity to hear first hand from EDF experts about the French experience and how it compares to Australia's.


François Georges (Head of International Corporate Relations, EDF)
Sustainability and good corporate citizenship in energy: EDF's experiences.

EDF (Electricite de France) is a global group with a presence in 25 countries.

François Verneyre (Head of Development, Department of Strategy and International Affairs, EDF)
Integration of regional electrical networks.

Dr. Zahedi (Solar Energy Applications Research Group, Monash University, Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering)
Australian challenges for a sustainable electricity future.

Dr. Lawrence E. Jones (Director, Transmission optimization & partnering TC program, AREVA)
Optimized utilization of transmission and distribution (T&D) assets to reduce operational risk and increase grid reliability.

The panel
Forum and panel discussion
J. Acton